Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" is still one of my all-time favorite spirit books. This book taught me and continues to remind me of the simple yet profound power of the present moment and the tricks of our ego and our mind. I can't keep a copy around because I always give it away.

Required reading for all of us who struggle with out of control thinking, heavy moods, obsessiveness, negativity, fear, insecurity, paralysis by analysis etc.

The biggest thing I took from this book was how unimportant and damaging 80-90% of my thoughts are. I realized that most of them are not empowering, interesting, helpful, necessary, or even true.

Instead they are repetitive, negative, judgmental, irrational and ultimately unhelpful. Pure presence is so much more fun and beneficial to a happy life.

The mind is like a chainsaw, incredibly powerful and useful in some situations but if you leave it on all the time it will wreak absolute havoc on your life. It's loud, it needs constant attention, it's dangerous, it uses up resources.

This book gets my highest recommendation!

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